Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last 2 months, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

OK, so I got chastised for not staying in the 21st century and keeping up my blog. Ssoorryy!! So I guess alot has happened that you peeps are curious about. If not I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Thanksgiving was so long ago that the memories have faded. I need more dressing!! It was a good time though, we saw everyone we needed to see, but not everyone we wanted to see. Then we got to watch GA tech beat GA. YEEEEHHHHAAAAAA!! 45-42 loser dawgs!! Much celebrating was done over this, as it has been 7 years since we have beaten a dawg. We are animal lovers you know. I ate myself into a food coma at least 4 times and promptly had to take a nap each time. That darn Triptophan. I have the cure for Triptophan, it is triptocaribean. :)

On into December, work is sort of slow right now. Lockheed is still on a stop work situation and the church didn't start till the week of Christmas. So i have been able to shop for some stuff along and along. Donna and her mom are out a couple of nights each week and so we aren't seeing each other much. She turns into a pumpkin at 10:00 pm ya know. So she comes home and goes to bed. Oh well, it is now over and we are none the worse for wear. It seems like everyone had a great Christmas. We did as well. Notable gifts from my wife - my new metal detector (which will be awesome at the beach), and a new spiderco (that;s a knife for you laymen), lots of movies, which I wanted, some clothes and various and sundries. Anyway, the best present was seeing my little buddy Ryker ALOT!! That rocked!!

Hollie came to town and that was awesome to see her. I know everyone has to know by now, but they are being transferred to Ft. Lauderdale (THEY SUCK!), which is really great for them and we have a place to stay ON THE BEACH!! YES! Anyway, she stayed with Jay and Kimi, then came to our house. We cooked some steaks for dinner and had some adult libations. However, I clearly miss my sister, as we stayed up till 5:00 AM talking!! Tuesday was hard for us both, I think Jules mentioned the "gettin' old thing". Yeah, it sucks. I would not trade that time with her for all the sleep in the world though. We laughed and talked and just had the best time being together. I took advantage of it as we will probably not see her for some months. We spent New Years Eve at Jason and Lisa Hakim's. A good time was had by all until the boys woke up screaming. That ended the party rather quickly. Thanks Jason and Lisa for a great time!! Watched a LOT of football (not Foosball Jules) this past weekend and then it was back to reality on Monday! Yuck. We are planning the cabin trip, so we will see each other soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

Ciao' for now!!