Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Cabin and Halloween

The weekend before Halloween, Donna and I, her folks, and her Uncle Carlton and Aunt Jean went up to Scott's cabin. We had a great time!! We drove up on Saturday through north Georgia, got lost (luckily) so it shortened our trip to Franklin and the Sheffield Ruby Mine. We went Ruby mining for about 3 hours. It is chilly, wet, work, but it is a great deal of fun. In another few years Ryker, E., Kaylee, and Brennan will really enjoy it. No one found anything large, I found the biggest two stones a 5 carat Ruby and a 3 carat Garnet. Someone there found a 30 carat Ruby while we were there, it is basically the luck of the draw, or which bucket you pick. I found all in total about 19 total carats in about 10 or 11 stones. Everyone found something and had a great time doing it. We will have to schedule the trip between March and October as that is the only time they are open. The rest of the time it is too cold. Google the Sheffield Ruby mine and the site will come up for you to check it out. Some guy found a 300 carat ruby in August I think it was. That could make some jewelry, ladies!! Anyway we drove back across NC to Murphy and the cabin, it was about an hour away. The drive was GORGEOUS!! The leaves were in full change and it was spectacular. I almost wrecked about 3 times trying to look at the scenery. Tried like you know what to start a fire that evening, but waited too late to gather kindling and small stuff to get one going. The wood was wet from the rain they had on Thursday, so I was pretty unsuccessful, I had one for about an hour, but then we ate dinner and it went out and so I left it as we were all pretty tired.

We got up the next morning and cooked a big breakfast and just kind of walked around the river and the property. I finally got enough small stuff and started the fire in the early afternoon. Got it going so well it still had coals at 9:00 the next morning (that's more like it). Anyway, we had another great dinner and sat out by the fire for a long while and had a great time with the four of us. Carlton and Jean had to leave that afternoon, so it was me, Donna, and her folks. The weather was perfect!! We got up Monday morning to the coldest weather we had seen so far and it was crazy windy as well, so we made the best of the weekend and left on Monday. Stopped and got some apples and fried pies (OH MY GOSH WERE THEY GOOD!! Nothing like Memaw's, but they hit the spot). The cabin is for sale (MAN THAT SUCKS!), although it is a tough market for things like that right now, but keep that in mind as we plan future trips. He has it listed for $485,000. And it is probably worth that. After talking with him, he would probably sell it completely furnished for about $425,000 after his real estate contract runs out. Food for thought.

Halloween was an adventure of a day. Christopher closed on his first home at 10:00 that morning and spent the day moving stuff in. I ended up helping him from about 4 till 7, and Donna and I went back and helped him for a while on Sat. He is about 15 minutes from us off of Dallas highway. He really stole this house. It appraised for $220K, and he paid $160K. It is an older home, but completely refurbished. He got a refurbishment loan and is going to go ahead and finish his basement the way he wants it and build all of that into the loan. He is pretty excited and has his own place now.

Our neighbors in the cul-de-sac always do a Halloween cook out with chili, hot dogs and everyone gathering. We set up a table and all of the candy goes on it, so it is one stop shopping for the kiddies! :) We always have a good time and enjoy some beverages and good company and the kids really like seeing all the bowls of candy and not having to go to every house, saves valuable trick or treating time, dontcha know. We loved all the photos and everyone was totally cute and cool! From Spidey and bat girl, down the the engineer and Tigger, everyone looked great except bad Santa - that was totally you Cuz! We need to get together, we are missing you guys something fierce...set it up and we will be there. My only challenge this month is our tourney is the 16Th. I also know J,K, and Ryker are out this weekend at the cabin, so whenever we can. Maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving if all are in town and not busy. Let me know....Bye for now!


Julie said...

Oh, no, cabin's for sale?!?? I hope he gets what he deserves for it, it is a great place.

I think we're busy through Thanksgiving weekend; the one after might work, though...? Will have to see. We are heading to Gatlinburg this weekend for a much needed break!! Woo-hoo! "Roughing it" in a decked out cabin ourselves!!

Take care!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe the cabin is for sale. :( Sounds like you guys had a great time with D's parents.

I just remembered that I didn't call you back tonight, sorry! Brennan is usually fussy at night so it's hard to do much of anything.

Are you talking about getting together the first weekend in Dec? Or the Saturday after Thanksgiving? My parents are coming in the day after Thanksgiving and staying until Sunday.

B-Lowe the Belt said...

Yeah it is for sale, but I do not think he will get what he wants for it in this market and he doesn't HAVE to sell it. SO we should be good to go for January. I was thinking the weekend after Thanksgiving, so everybody check the calenders. Have a great trip Jules, James, and Evil Baby!!!